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Ages 5 - 8 years old

Age from 5 - 8 years old

Joey Scouts are for boys and girls aged 5 to 8 and is the youngest section of Scouts. The focus is on fun and friendship, whilst caring and sharing.  Joey Scout activities offer a gentle introduction to a world of challenges and adventure, participating in the 'out' of Scouting in an age-appropriate way.

All Joey Scouts in Australia wear the Joey Scout Uniform with a tan shoulder panel so everyone knows they are Joey Scouts, and their Group Scarf which is different from Group to Group. All the children in the Group who are Joeys, form the Joey Scout 'Mob'.

Every activity is designed to ensure that the Joey Scout goes home happy and fulfilled from their time as part of the Mob. It’s for active boys and girls who like having fun and making friends.

More than anything, Joey Scouts is about having fun!

Joey Scouts meet once a week, usually for an hour, in a local Scout Hall or community hall. Often the Joey Scout Leader will be a parent of one of the Joeys and they may have an Assistant Joey Scout Leader to help them. All leaders undertake nationally accredited training in their role.

Contact the Branch Commissioner for youth program at or your local group for more information.

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