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Age from 11 - 15 years old

Scouts is one of the best kept secrets for young people aged 11 to 15 and no wonder!

Scouts receive expert instruction in a wide variety of outdoor skills, and participate in camps over weekends, or for a week or longer in wider region, state or even national events.  Jamborees are held every 3 years where scouts from all over Australia, and overseas, come together for 10 days of fun and activities.

Making decisions, learning about being a leader and working in teams called Patrols are part of the every-day lifeof a Scout.  A scout Troop is made up of several Patrols each with a Patrol Leader who also has an assistant. The Patrol system means that everyone from the youngest to the Patrol Leader has a say and the Scout Leader is there to help make their dream activities a reality, while ensuring safety is always maintained.

There are badges to be earned and Scouts learn skills that will stay with them life – such as light weight camping and bush navigation, how to prepare and cook their own food, how to recognize the dangers of our environment including bush fires, how to be safe around beaches, rivers and lakes and yes, how to tie some pretty useful knots.

Whilst Scouts do spend a lot of time outdoors, they do other things too. They have challenging activities such as linking via internet and amateur radio, performance arts such as singing dancing and acting and awards linked to citizenship, community service and personal spiritual development.

Scouts are in every part of our Australian community, and it is not called the worldwide brotherhood of Scouting for nothing!

Whatever cultural or religious background you come from, you will find a welcome at Scouts.

Contact the Branch Commissioner for youth program at or your local group for more information.

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